3 Reasons To Be A Niche Life Insurance Agent

If you want to sell life insurance online, then you need to read this article. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to select a niche, and here’s why that’s the only way to succeed in the online space. 

In this competitive and saturated world, creating a marketing plan with the goal of selling to anyone is the fastest strategy to failure. No matter which industry we look at, generalist business models do not thrive anymore for burgeoning companies. Take for example…

  • Tesla as a niche luxury electric car maker (with a sub-niche for the middle class who want to feel more luxurious)
  • Dollar Shave Club as a niche razor blade subscription service for men who don’t want to bother at the store
  • Southwest Airlines as a niche airline company for people who want affordable, hassle-free flights

When we look at life insurance, you may think of large agencies that market and sell policies to anyone and everyone. Yes, they exist, and yes, some of them are doing well. Good for them.

For the sake of argument, though, we’re going to ignore those companies (and their giant budgets) and focus on you.

Now when you’re building your digital life insurance company with the goal of driving leads to your website and then selling over the phone, you have access to an enormous pool of people.

In fact, you technically have access 84.2% of people in the United States who frequently use the internet. That’s roughly 266 million people.

Let me guess, you don’t need 266 million leads from your website to feel financially secure and successful in your career.

In fact, could you imagine how challenging (and not to mention expensive) it would be to try to market to such a diverse mixing pot of demographics, personalities, income levels, and health conditions? It would basically be you screaming, “Hey guys! Look at me, I’m over here and want to sell you life insurance!”

No thank you, and you’re better than that.

So what is an internet life insurance agent to do if they want to capture even the smallest fraction of 266 million people?

The absolute best strategy than any agent can do in this competitive and saturated digital world is to become a specialist.

In other words, select a niche.

By becoming a specialist, or ‘niching down,’ you will turn that sad generalist screaming into a fine-tuned, highly-targeted, beautifully composed selling proposition that resonates deeply with a particular group of people.

It means when you’re at a cocktail party and somebody asks you, “Oh you sell life insurance, how interesting. Who are your typical customers?” and instead of you embarrassingly saying, “Um you know, pretty much anyone who needs it.” You will have a slam dunk response of “I typically sell to diabetic Baby Boomers who are looking for Term Life coverage.”

C’mon, how much better is that response?

Beyond just having better networking conversation material, there is an incredibly long list of benefits for being a niche life insurance agent. Let’s dive into the main ones…

Pursuing a niche market and turning all your efforts towards one specialty will do three things:


1. Running your business becomes easier


It plays to your strengths as an agent or individual

When you select a niche to sell to, you should ideally select a group that resonates personally or professionally. By focusing on something that you’re interested in or have a working knowledge of, going to work every day will be less of a slog and more of an enjoyable experience.

It simplifies and streamlines your marketing efforts

Oh yes, marketing. As an internet agent, you might as well start calling yourself a digital marketer. Fortunately, as a digital marketing life insurance agent with a niche focus, everything you do to promote your business becomes easier. Each piece of content you write, social media post you blast, or advertisement you create will be easier to do when you have a deep knowledge of your target market.

It builds trust and credibility

Simply put, when you dominate a particular niche and serve your customers well, you will become the go-to agent for that niche. This will help you market yourself, find new and interesting avenues for exposure, and become a recognized thought leader.


2. It will make it easier for customers to find you


It makes you more popular with search engines

Aside from wanting to be popular with people, you definitely want to strive for being popular with search engines. If you’re a generalist trying to rank for “term life insurance”, chances are you’ll never make it to the first page of Google. On the other hand, when you are specialized you will be up against less competition and your long-tail keywords will rank higher, faster.

Popular keyword searches vs. long tail search traffic volume from Moz


If you’re unfamiliar with SEO or how Google ranks, think about this: the goal of search engines is to make it easier for people to find the information they’re looking for. People in your niche are looking for specialized information. When you’ve done a diligent job at creating helpful content, you will then be awarded an improved search ranking.

It opens the doors to new marketing channels

Being a niche marketer means that you can align with other marketing avenues within your niche group. This can include attending and sponsoring niche trade shows, sponsoring relevant events, being interviewed on other websites or podcasts, or writing for other blogs with the same targeted audience. Being niche gives you the freedom for creative thinking when it comes to your marketing.

It really works for word-of-mouth marketing

Despite being an internet agent, word-of-mouth marketing is still a viable and essential tactic for driving leads. Online, word-of-mouth marketing means two friends messaging over Facebook Messenger asking for a personal life insurance recommendation or a tweet from an influencer about the easy approval process they just went through. Since people are oftentimes friends with other people in the same niche, word-of-mouth marketing, both online and offline, can be very powerful.


3. It will increase your conversion rate


It allows you to serve your audience really well

To repeat the previous marketing point, being a specialist will make it easy for you to create genuinely meaningful content. By knowing who they are, you can anticipate their needs and questions, and have helpful content ready to go. By being helpful, you will earn the trust and attention of your readers. They will then be more likely to purchase from you.

Pro Tip:  Having helpful content is of no use if visitors to your site have a difficult time finding it. Ensure that your website is reader friendly with easy navigation, well placed CTAs, and fast load times. You can read more about this in our other post, Why Do 99.69% of Interested People Not Buy From You?

It makes people feel seen

Remember, you’re selling to people with emotions and you’re selling a product that is inherently emotional. By tuning into the needs, desires, fears and concerns of your niche, you will be making them feel seen. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in life anyway?

The reasons for being a niche internet agent are plentiful and they all result in long-last, residual benefits. Building your online business will take work, but if you build an asset that better serves a niche market, you will ultimately better serve yourself. With this information on why you need to be a specialist, not a generalist, you are ready to identify which one will work best for you and become the industry leader. Go on, find your small percentage of 266 million and become the best for them.