Why Do 99.69% of Interested People Not Buy From You?

In this article, you’ll learn why your online presence is turning people off, and in turn, making you lose out on pre-vetted, targeted traffic. That’s not good for your business or your wallet, so read on. 

Life insurance ownership is at an all-time low.  Access to the internet is at an all-time high.  Mobile search has exploded and sites are quickly responding.  But still, why does 99.69% of your traffic not turn into commissions and in force policyholders?  Are consumers afraid of something? Maybe making a bad decision or paying too much?

A wise sales manager once told me, “Internet leads are like car buyers.  No one steps on a car lot who isn’t interested in buying a car.” Profound, right?

Now imagine if we really looked at our website traffic like this, as a golden oasis of opportunity that’s bigger than a measly 0.31%.

C’mon now, are you really imagining? 🌴💰😎

Of course, this begs the question, “how do I convert tire kicker website traffic into paying policyholders?”

And therein lies the age old dilemma of every marketer on the planet. So take comfort in knowing that you, the internet life insurance agent, are not alone in your digital marketing conversion quest.

Now since we can’t (or don’t) ask each website visitor exactly what their motivations are for leaving our site, we can turn to the incredible insights of analytics.

Learning and using Google Analytics is an absolute must and a great place to start in understanding where your web visitors come from and how they behave on your site. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use it, you can get a thorough overview from Moz or learn directly at the Google Analytics Academy.

Even better though for life insurance agents is tapping into the power of analytics that is relevant and targeted to our industry and position.

So here goes the shameless plug…

If you’re a NinjaQuoter customer or thinking about becoming one, let me just say that NinjaQuoter is a different kind of life insurance website quoting engine. By utilizing the latest in cloud technology, NinjaQuoter provides high-level analytics that can be shared with the agent market to help them improve their digital customer experiences.

What do I mean by this?

Well, the numbers below are based on the last 1,000,000 people that have interacted with our life insurance website quoters on subscriber websites. Here’s what we found…

Let’s look at the numbers

1,000,000 visitors went to websites to consume a piece of content, a blog post, a paid advertisement etc.

44,000 got quotes, and lead information was delivered by NinjaQuoter to the CRM system.

Based on user feedback and surveys, agents made phone contact with approximately 19,800 (45%) of those 44,000 people.

Of those people contacted, only 3,080 bought a policy and it went in force.  That is only .308% of interested people that actually followed through and made a purchase.

So, 996,920 had stepped on the car lot, and yet did not purchase life insurance (from you)!  We definitely need to solve this.

Let’s visualize this:


Let’s remove some zeros here, and get it closer to a perceivable reality.  Of the 1,000 people that hit your website, only 3 turned into paying clients. Only 3!

Now, this doesn’t mean that only 3 out of every 1000 people ends up following through on purchasing life insurance.  Some of those 997 people certainly go to another website, get a second opinion, or contact their P&C agent for that elusive “discounted life insurance” we all hear so much about.

The important thing to take away here then is that something about your website isn’t converting these 997 people (or even a decent percentage of them). Let’s look at reasons why…

Possible Causes

Poor website load times

Decrease your load speed by compressing large images, minimizing HTTPS requests, prioritize above the fold content and reduce the number of plugins you use on your site. Using apps like WP Smush for WordPress or Optimizilla are a good way to go.

Confusing call to action

Layout and readability are everything.  Receiving traffic to your page means that you have spent time creating content that got each of those people there. Making it difficult for them for find where they can get a quote, call you, or fill out an online form is wasting precious time and their attention.

Place your NinjaQuoter website quoter in a prominent location, typically near the upper right corner of your site.  Add a plugin to make that quoter remain in sight at all time so that it follows them when they scroll down the page.

Pro Tip:

Sprinkle your content with additional calls-to-action, such as a NinjaQuoter quote form button.  It is a great way to break up long content into more manageable pieces and drives consumer engagement with your lead capture widgets.

Not enough info on carriers, products & underwriting

Consumers come to your site to…consume.  Give them what they need.  Don’t just put up a 5-page website and think that it will convert.  Write about health conditions and their impacts on life insurance, and be sure to write more than a paragraph about each product type.  You can write individual articles about individual carriers, and also about riders, rate guarantees, and reasons people buy one vs. another.

People searching online are expecting to find the valuable information they seek.  Hint: so does Google.


A way to get some people back:


For every 1000 visitors, 964 left without giving your website a chance or giving you their contact information.  Try to get them back with retargeting.  Retargeting is marketing via banner ads to people that have been to your website. With retargeting, you install a tracking pixel on their browser so you can “follow them” around the internet.  Ever notice when looking at a product on a website you then see that product as an advertisement no matter what website you’re on?  That is retargeting.  Those sites are trying to get you back.  No reason life insurance websites shouldn’t be doing the same.

Setting up a retargeting campaign is actually very easy with NinjaQuoter retargeting.  NinjaQuoter allows users to insert a tracking pixel right into our quote paths vs. the traditional way of adding them to your actual website.  Simply create your pixels in a retargeting platform like AdWordsor perfectaudience.com and paste it into NinjaQuoter.

Now, create some banner ads, which you can cheaply do on a website like Fiverr or Bannersnack. Then open an AdWords account and start bidding.  Of those 964 visitors, one can expect to get back 0.5-1.5% of those visitors.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but you are making sales on people that left and would never come back, had it not been for your banner ad.

It’s time, go ahead and take a good look at your website. See what can be changed to capture the 9-second attention of your first-time visitors. Remember, when testing new elements, try A/B testing and only adjust one or two things at a time to see what works.

Get after it, Ninjas!