How to Combat Slowing Sales Around the Holidays

In this article, you’ll learn proven tactics to beat slowing sales around the holidays and overcome the “call me next year” crowd to still close out the year strong and start the next year on a profitable foot.  If only life insurance could be wrapped up as a gift and placed under a tree. It’s that… Read more »

ROI on PPC marketing calculator

Typical Keyword Search PPC campaigns are just not feasible for most insurance agents, because they are competing against the big dot com operations with seemingly infinite budgets.  There are however many ways to compete in PPC using such methods as ad networks or google display.  Self generated PPC leads are often a much better alternative to purchased leads…. Read more »

Return on Lead Purchasing Calculator

When calculating the value of a lead source, you need to rely on data, reports and intuition.  NinjaQuoter has prepared this lead purchasing calculator for your use in determining the value of a lead source. Simply input some variables, and instantly calculate lead purchasing ROI. When determining the true value of a lead, one needs… Read more »

Effective (Phone) Sales Calls

Selling life insurance by phone is no easy task, but once mastered it can be one of the most rewarding careers you can have.  Throw in the fact that most internet sales agents work from home, it is a six-figure career most can only dream of! First, let’s get a few things straight. You will not… Read more »

A/B testing your quote pages

Minor design differences can make major revenue differences.   When driving SEO, PPC or email traffic, it is a best practice to focus on maximizing site conversions to manage a better price per lead, better lead quality, and to simply generate more leads. A common practice is “A/B testing.”  Simply put, use conversion and sales… Read more »

Maximizing lead conversions on a PPC landing page

The key to a great landing page is relation, location and call to action. Relation is relating to the situation of the proposed insured.  If you are marketing to young families, show images of young families doing what families do, running in the tall grass, or on a beach! Location is key.  I am referring… Read more »

SEO – the unicorn

Free, organic leads from search based traffic is most agent’s unicorn—it will never happen!  It can certainly happen for the right marketer willing to churn out thousand word articles daily and doing proactive outreach for backlinks.  It is not likely to happen on a national level at least, but it is certainly possible to dominate… Read more »

Search Engines vs. Ad Networks

It is very important to understand the differences in ad networks vs. search engines.  Search engines are generally a more trusted bunch when being an advertiser, while ad networks are often distrusted due to some fishy publishers (site owners that may host your advertisement). Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL Costs: $5-150/click for insurance… Read more »

PPC Marketing – Search vs. Display

PPC Marketing – Display vs. Keyword PPC Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click marketing, is essentially paying a 3rd party to display your advertisement on their website and when clicked, your account is charged.  These 3rd parties can be the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or lesser known content networks. Paid clicks can be… Read more »

First Steps to Generating Leads Online

First steps to becoming a marketing Ninja online Get a website There are several website services available, specifically catered to insurance agents.  Or, take the self guided approach with WordPress.  Wordpress is the most widely supported website service available.  22% of all sites are run on WordPress, with over 50% of blogs running on WordPress.  Services… Read more »