SEO or PPC – where do I invest?

You either have time or money. If you have time but no money, start building out for SEO leads.  If you have little time, but have money then start focusing on pay per click. There is no simple answer to this question.  SEO requires a certain level of discipline to write consistent content, share it… Read more »


“To quote, or not to quote (online)?  That is the question.”   Well, it was in 2009.  It is 2016, online quotes are a necessity if you want to remain relevant with your clients. When was the last time you visited a website, and filled out some insanely long contact form to not get a… Read more »

Leveraging affinity markets to drive leads

Affinity Marketing Affinity partnerships are the easiest to establish to generate consistent leads.  Everybody gets paid in these relationships!  Affinity groups (agents) are ones that have the same client you want, and you have the same client they want. You both write different product lines, but the end consumer benefits from talking to you both…. Read more »