How I Built A 6 Figure Insurance Business With Ninja Quoter

***Guest post by: Sa El, owner of***   Being an independent insurance agent is hard work, it’s even harder when you have no idea where your leads are coming from, and you don’t have the right products.  But here’s the thing:  What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that hard at… Read more »

Maximizing Online Success [Why Life Insurance Agents Need a Niche]

Internet life insurance agents have the world at their fingertips, quite literally. With online marketing channels like social media, paid advertising and content marketing, agents essentially have access to almost anybody they want.  The only problem is the same opportunities exist for large, online agencies who have the resources and budgets to attract massive audiences…. Read more »

Life Insurance Multi Channel Marketing [+Why Agents Should Care]

The mantra of “mobile first” for marketing is a bit misleading as the average consumer is now connected through five different devices. Marketers everywhere are taking their mobile marketing approach and preparing it for a cross-device and multi-channel strategy.  So what does this mean for internet life insurance agents, or rather life insurance marketers? Hint:… Read more »

Become a Better Life Insurance Agent [Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals Today]

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn We all want to increase our sales and become better life insurance agents. Each and every year, we try and determine what will be needed to increase revenue and close more life insurance sales. It’s never easy but it certainly can be more straightforward… Read more »

Marketing KPI’s For Life Insurance Agents [6 Key KPI’s To Track]

  You’ve probably heard before that being an internet life insurance agent really makes you an internet marketer.  Well, it’s true.  Having a strong digital presence is critical to driving leads, engaging customers, making sales, and ultimately receiving referral business from said sales.  Yet how do you know if all your blog posts, tweets, status… Read more »

Increasing Life Insurance Sales [Battle the Holidays]

If only life insurance could be wrapped up as a gift and placed under a tree. It’s that all-too-familiar time of year again – with colder temps, holiday parties with friends, football on Sundays, and relaxing time with family. Yet despite all the things that make the holidays wonderful and memorable, it is always a… Read more »

Converting More Niche Leads [Developing Buyer Personas]

Life insurance agents have an incredible advantage against other professions when it comes to understanding their customers. When selling a policy you gain intimate knowledge of a person’s medical and family history, their lifestyle choices, and more. For agents selling online, this type of information becomes invaluable when it’s coupled with analytic data. Collectively, the… Read more »